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Cmc Ludhiana

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:: Health check-up ::

Christian Medical College & Hospital reaches out to you with an exclusive designed comprehensive Medical Check-Up Plans to identify risk factors and rare signs of Silent Killers' such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. The basic aim is early detection and timely prevention, so that you may enjoy a healthy life while efficiently delivering the challenges of the present day work environment.

Health Plans offered by CMCH
The Benefits  of health check-up
Guide for Health check-up

Health Plans offered by CMCH

Plan - A

(Health Check - up)



(HB, TLC, ESR, Perpheral smear)

Serum Creatinnine

Blood Sugar

(Fasting and Post prandial)

Serum Uric Acid

Urine Complete Urine Examination

X-ray Chest PA View


Vision Check Up

Gyane Check Up (Female only)

Inculding PAP smear test

Plan - B

(Health Check - up)

Plan A PLus

Lipid profile and serum cholesterol

Plan - C

Comprehensive Health Checkup (Including Cardiac Evaluation)

Plan B Plus

Ultra Sound Abdomen


PSA (Males only)

Mammogram (Females Only)

Plan - D

Comprehensive Health Checkup (Including Cardio Pulmonary Evaluation)

Plan C Plus

Pulmonary function test



The Benefits  of health check-up



Early Detection : Most Health problems can be managed more effectively, if detected early

Timely Prevention : Modifications in lifestyle diet, or medication will be advised.

Specialized Treatment : If some abnormality has been detected
you will be guided accordingly by our team of specialists.

Personalized Services : Programme is conducted in comfort with personalized services by experienced medical & nursing personnel.

Satisfaction : You will have peace of mind knowing that you are healthy

Guide for Health check-up

Please dial 91-161-5026999 (Extn. no. 5747) and take up an appointment at least two days prior for one of the scheduled check-up-days

The checkup will be conducted at our Corporate Health suite.

In case  of company payments, please bring along the authorization letter.

Please come empty stomach. Don't consume any think (even tea) after 10:00 pm, the previous night.

After the samples are taken, complimentary tea 7 snacks will be provided

The testes are completed by afternoon and the detailed reports & recommendations will be sent to you within a week.


Cmc Ludhiana


Cmc Ludhiana

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