Student Activities

“Education is the process of living and is not meant to be the preparation of future living” (Dewey, 1897).
We at the Christian Dental College strongly believe in the holistic development of an individual and not solely in the skill set associated to dentistry.
One cannot deny the fact that each student must be good at the content of the core academic subjects, but teaching essential skills that are required for personal growth and successful living is what makes our students confident and progressive thinkers.

The Students’ Council

The Students’ Council is formed after elections to coordinate the student affairs and activities and serves to bridge the gap between the Administration and the Student Body. The Interns contest in the elections for the posts of President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary and Editor in Chief.

Events that enrich the college psyche and community well-being are planned and executed throughout the academic year. This begins with the ‘Hunger Games’, a series of sports events with participants from among the different batches and the faculty preceded by a ‘Fun Fest’ where homemade (or rather hostel made!) delicacies are sold, the proceeds of which are donated charitably.

The new batch of students that come in, the ‘freshers’ are warmly welcomed into the CDC family through retreats or excursions, followed by a more formal ‘Fresher’s Welcome’ where all the First year students are introduced to the rest of the student body and the faculty. They are encouraged to unveil their talents during this event.

Games & Athletics

The college has facilities for variegated outdoor and indoor sports like volleyball, basketball, throwball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, carroms and chess. Teams from the college participate in the tournaments conducted by the University. An annual Athletic Meet is held every year by one of the five colleges, with active participation of students from all of the colleges.

College Activities

The students (and faculty) are encouraged to explore and display their talents through the various intra (Calypso) and inter collegiate (Symphony, Pulse, etc.) events and programmes. These often serve as a dais for unmasking the hidden talents in some and allows the already discovered ones to thrive. A spirit of healthy competition is inculcated in the students in various fields such as sports, music, dance, literature, arts and dramatics.