1. Committed and experienced faculty who are teachers as well as mentors.
  2. One of the largest collection in Histology Lab, Museum and bone bank
  3. Hands-on: cadaver dissection
  4. Body donation programme to facilitate holistic teaching & research
  5. Embalming for transportation purpose.

Our Doctors

Dr. Anjali Jain

  • Designation - Professor
  • Qualifications - MBBS, MS
  • Email - @

Dr. Aprajita Sikka

  • Designation - Professor and Head
  • Qualifications - MBBS, MS
  • Email - @

Dr. Neeru Goyal

  • Designation - Associate Professor
  • Qualifications - M.Sc. Ph.D
  • Email - @

Dr. Aastha

  • Designation - Associate Professor
  • Qualifications - MBBS, MS
  • Email - @

Dr. Kailash Chander

  • Designation - Assistant Professor
  • Qualifications - MBBS, MS
  • Email - @

Dr. Neelu Luther

  • Designation - Assistant Professor
  • Qualifications - MBBS, MS
  • Email - @


The department is focused on Imparting wholesome knowledge of human anatomy in terms of the Gross human anatomy including Developmental anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy, Radiological & Surface anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Genetics.

It is equipped with a  dissection hall; attached embalming room, Histology Laboratory, Museum, Library, Demonstration rooms and Research laboratories.

The department is blessed with a dedicated faculty who are committed to teaching. Not only teachers, they are trained to be good mentors too for the students

Key Features

Our Expertise

Undergraduate and Postgraduate programme MD anatomy

Furnishing and development of infrastructure.

Dissecting parts and organs preserved for teaching and examination purpose.

Specimens collected from cadavers displayed and used for making permanent histology slides.

Dissection training on embalmed human cadavers.

Body donation programme where counselling of Voluntary body donors is done regularly.

Embalming of dead bodies is done for transportation purpose.

Our Services

  1. Didactic lectures
  2. Group teaching by dissection on cadavers.
  3. Bone bank to facilitate the leaning of osteology
  4. Histology lab with good quality microscopic sections of all the basic tissues & organs. Each student is provided with a student microscope & a set of sections.
  5. Museum has a good collection of specimens and models. There is adequate seating arrangement for the students.
  6. A well-equipped Research Lab with a trained technician to assist is there for anyone who desires to do research

Contact us

Office phone number: 0161-2115607
Timing: (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Email: anatomycmc@gmail.com

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