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You are our first priority and we will do our utmost to provide you with the best health care possible. You have the right to be treated with respect and consideration at all times. As a patient, we recognize that you have special needs and the right to expect that they will be met with competence and courtesy. As a consumer of health care, you have the right and responsibility to be involved in decisions about your medical treatment

Right for Medical information
You are entitled to receive an explanation of your illness or condition, the treatment proposed, alternative treatments as well as the likely effects and outcomes. Should you wish to have a second opinion, discuss this with your doctor. Except in an emergency, a second opinion should always be available. You may ask the name and professional status of any person involved in your treatment and the functions he/she will perform in your care.

Right for Treatment
During your hospital stay, certain tests and procedures may be carried out. It is in your own interest to discuss with your doctor any specific treatment, examination, drug or procedure you do not understand or do not desire. If you refuse treatment, you may be asked to sign a form absolving the hospital from any liability caused by this refusal.

By coming to hospital you have given general agreement to treatment which may be required for your condition. Certain procedures – e.g. operations, the administration of anesthesia, and certain diagnostic procedures – require your written consent. You are entitled to a clear explanation of any procedure or operation planned for you. Before you sign the consent form, you should understand the nature of the procedure and what is involved. You are entitled to refuse surgery or any other procedure if you wish.

Medical Records
A record will be kept for your illness and treatment, and this is confidential. Access to your medical record is limited to health care professionals directly involved in your care. This record and any X-rays taken remain the property of the hospital. The contents of your medical record will be divulged only with your consent, or when required by law.

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