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Our Calling – CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL | Ludhiana Punjab India
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Our Calling

More than a century ago; a young lady felt the calling to serve the Lord far across the seas in a distant land with challenges one could hardly fathom. Dame Edith Mary Brown had a dream and a prayer. To serve the people of India, particularly her women in the name of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That dream was crystallized into reality in the setting up of Christian medical college & Hospital in Ludhiana in 1894.
From the time of it’s inception, the Christian medical College & Hospital has pledged itself to the service of the nation, her halls oft echoing its founder’s refrain, ‘My Work is for a King’. This motto underscores the philosophy of this premier institute which has been at the nations service ever since. Young and old, rich and poor, high born or low born, of all faiths, the hospital has worked for all and endeavoured to give each living soul service befitting a King.
Scores of young Indians have trained in its schools of medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy and nursing, and all who leave CMC&H , take with them the same burden and privilege, to serve this vast nation to the best of our abilities.
So at Christian medical college & Hospital, be it in the traditional healing touch of the doctor, to the latest innovation in imaging or surgical expertise, the vein of service still run true. Service to each as to a king remains our goal and vision.

“Lord, do with me what you will, only use me in the service of others”

– Dame Edith Mary Brown (Founder CMC & H)
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