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Patient Stay – CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL | Ludhiana Punjab India
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Patient Stay

Admission to the wards/Indoor services will be through out patient department or the Emergency department. Choice of the private or general services will be the discretion of the patient/patient attendant. Admission is made on the advise of the concerned consultant /physician and upon the written undertaking of the person encoring the patient (relative/friend or any other).

Allocation of Bed/Room
General patients are allotted the General ward beds by the registration counter/clerk in the designated ward for medical / surgical services according to the gender of the patient. Pediatric patients, Gynecology / Obstetrics patients have a provision of separate general wards. Private rooms are allocated based on the patient / patient attendants preference and upon availability. Secondary facility is provided to patients who do not get accommodation till the availability of preferred accommodation.


Category Facilities
General Ward Bed only
Ordinary Room only
Semi Deluxe A/c Television and Refrigerator
Deluxe A/c Television and Refrigerator
Super Deluxe A/c Television, Telephone
Sofa or Office Table


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