1. The only research lab in India using Hyperspectral Imaging in Biomedical Research.
  2. The International Symposium and Workshop in Spectral Imaging (ISWSI): Application on Basic Sciences and Biomedical Research was initiated from BCRIC.
  3. A Molecular Research Centre that also conducts rural outreach programs
  4. A research facility that believes in science for society.
  5. Awarded a grant from Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Navajbai Tata Trust for the Hyperspectral Imaging System

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BCRIC was established in November 2007 as a central biomedical research facility for Christian Medical College and Hospital. The R&D Lab was completed in March 2010. The team works on biomedical research at the RNA/DNA, gene and protein levels.

The center was formed based on a vision for a Centre of Excellence where biomedical research ideas/activities and innovative approaches could be included and encouraged amongst the CMCH faculty and students. The center was started by a generous educational grant from Canadian- Vellore Ludhiana Committee (Canada) and Friends of Ludhiana (UK). The lab is 19’ 7” by 17’ 2” (336.2 square feet) in size. The center has a separate space as a conference room to conduct meetings and training sessions. The whole center is about 2,020 square feet.

Our main focus is in the field of Cancer Biology. BCRIC is a Centre of Biomedical Molecular Research with facilities for Quantitative Real-time PCR (QPCR). We have 25 years of experience with this technology on RNA and DNA-based research. We have an extensive training module to help faculty, students and those in the industry who would like to understand QPCR and all the latest developments. We are also pioneers in introducing Hyperspectral Imaging in Biomedical Applications in India. We use integrated biology via clinical bioinformatics to answer questions on upstream metabolic breakdown before the onset of cancer. All our R&D projects are translatable from bench to bedside and incorporate low-cost diagnostic approaches.

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Dr Ranjeet Singh Mashon, PhD
Office phone number: 0161-211-5251
Timing: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri), 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (Sat)
Email: rsmashon@cmcludhiana.in

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