1. The first Diabetic Clinic in the state to use a certified diabetic educator for patients with Diabetes (since 2007)
  2. Routine foot examination with Bioasthesiomatery and Doppler evaluation to identify high risk feet in patients with diabetes
  3. Diabetic Clinic is integrated with the clinical trial unit leading to the use of latest medications and technologies
  4. Multidisciplinary approach to thyroid growths and tumours in close co-operation with surgeon/pathologist/cytologist/radiologist avoiding unnessecary surgeries of the thyroid glands.
  5. First Indian centre to use a trained physician assistant for dynamic endocrine testing in lieu of an Endocrine Nurse

Our Doctors

Dr Jubin Jacob

  • Designation - Professor & Unit Head
  • Qualifications - MBBS,MD,DNB
  • Email - @


The Endocrine and Diabetes Unit was set up in 2007 within the Department of Medicine.  Currently the Unit provides daily outpatient services (Monday to Saturday). On Thursdays and Saturday only private patients are seen on appointment. The other day walk in patients are welcome till 1pm in the afternoon.  Afternoon and evening appointments are available in the private clinic by appointment.

In addition patients requiring in-patient care are admitted. Patients with diabetes and other ailments are admitted in consultation with the concerned departments (for eg. Cardiology, Nephrology etc). Daily consultation service is available round the clock for emergencies through the casualty and for patients in the ward.

Diagnostic endocrine services, Diabetic education services and Foot assessment are available every working day during working hours.

Clinical trial unit recruits patients for evaluation of new medication and technologies in diabetes from among willing patients coming to the Outpatient from within 30 km of the hospital

Key Features

Our Expertise

  1. All forms of Diabetes which includes Type 1 Diabetes (usually found in children and younger individuals who require lifelong insulin), type 2 diabetes (found in older individuals treated with tablets) and gestational diabetes (detected in pregnant women)
  2. Pregestational counselling and treatment of women with diabetes and thyroid disease desiring to get pregnant
  3. Treatment of all kinds of thyroid disorders including under and over activity of the thyroid glands and management of growths of the thyroid and cancers of the thyroid gland.
  4. Metabolic bone disorders like Osteoporosis (brittle bones), Vitamin D deficiency (including complicated forms of Vitamin D deficiency), Disorders of the parathyroid glands.
  5. Problems with low calcium and high calcium levels
  6. All kinds of disorders of the pituitary glands including dysfunction, growths and tumours.
  7. Women with Polycystic Disease are treated in consultation with skin specailists (for excess hair growth) and infertility specailist (for conception)
  8. Sexual disorders including disorders leading to male and female sexual hormonal disorders
  9. Disorders of the adrenal glands including disease like Cushings disease and Addisons disease
  10. Patients with chronic low sodium states

Our Services

Contact us

Office phone number: 161-2115757
Timing: (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

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